What is Safe Drinking Water?

cropped-screen-shot-2019-11-11-at-12.19.35-pm-1-1.pngDo you know what is safe drinking water? What is the standard for safe drinking water?

Jenny Badger founder of Global Environmental Strategy Group, answer the question here:

Safe drinking Water Should not contain any Chemicals, no microorganism’s, no dissolved heavy metals, no Radioactive material.

Who makes Safe Drinking Water? Technology.

In order to get safe drinking water, technology is the key, if the water treatment technology can remove the chemical, physical, biological, and radiological this 4 characteristics, then the water is safe for tap drinking water.

because when water treatment technology can clean this 4 characteristics water problems has solved. it will not have microbial corrosion problem it will be safe for tap drinking water.

Which technology can make Safe Drinking Tap Water?

read my blog Safe Drinking Tap Water Technology


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