Safe drinking Tap Water is my brand

Jenny Badger established Global Environmental Group in 2019, she bring group of humanity workers working together fight basic human rights for people around world, she realized drinking water quality is most essential for human health and live quality, to restore the ecological system needs a high quality water like safe drinking tap water, it is the highest standard of water quality of the World. it help people to receive the drinking water that could prevent diseases, keeps people stay healthy, lower healthcare cost burden, help agriculture grow and harvest healthy crop. it benefits to drinking water safety and food safety. she is a American Chinese. lived in different countries. speaks three language. She is a board member of Aqueous Solutions Global water treatment technology company, she bring the technology and humanity work together, Give full play to the role of all sectors of society.She called on the UN leadership to work together, do practical support and advancement for safe drinking tap water technology , technology is a weapon for leaders to make impact to climate change, without it any work for climate change just in vain.

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