The Truth about Drinking Tap Water

According to research articles and news, most tap and well water in the U.S. now are not safe for drinking due to heavy industrial and environmental pollution, but only a few research articles have told that one of important reason is the water treatment method couldn’t treat water properly make it safe for drinking. scientist known these problems more than decades ago.

Most water treatment method use chlorine, bromen, ozone and ultraviolet. these method treat water will cause disinfection byproducts and microbial corrosion problem, these problems could cause cancer and reproductive problems. scientist has not find the right way to treat water until ten years ago new water treatment method find by Dr. Paul Smith and Dr. Timothy Badger. they are invented Oxidation and Adsorption media as the solution for treat water.

This Oxidation and Adsorption media not only solve the problems that other water treatment method couldn’t solve. the advantage of its unique way to treat water bring the benefit to water industry, human health and environment is incomparable. 

This safe drinking tap water

  1. keeps everyone stays healthy to reduce the healthcare cost.
  2. convenience for life. Reduce the use of plastic bottled water.
  3. This technology produces highest quality drinking water does not require Electricity, benefit to municipalities and consumers significantly reduces the cost. According to the Water Environment Federation, it will bring $40 billion of savings. and reduce emissions. Benefit for saving of resources, when Natural disaster happens do not need transport Bottled Water.
  4. Benefit agriculture and food industry and fish farm for food safety and cost. specially it has huge benefit for juice producer to produce healthy juice for children.
  5. This technology does not have hazardous Waste. The contaminants bond to the Media permanently can reuse for other purpose, create a chain of benefit to restore the ecological system.
  6. kills superbugs ideal for hospital sanitation.
  7. Benefit for nuclear waste management, it transforms nuclear waste from liquid to a much smaller solid volume.
  8. Benefit for the job market, it will create millions of green jobs. Benefit for the economy, bring growth to the World.

Water security can affect national security, a nation without healthy soldier how they can protect the country? leaders must realize this, take actions working with this technology please.

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