Safe drinking tap water highest quality standard

Every water has it issues and diversity but they all has common technology issues–disinfection, this is the key for water safety. 

The most common water treatment technology use chlorine. bromine. ultraviolet and ozone as disinfection sterilization. they all have a fatal defect–disinfection byproducts and microbial corrosion problems. these chemical and microbes residues have significant adverse effects on the human body.

Aqueous Solutions Global(ASG) revolutionary disinfection technology use a solid-state oxidation and disinfection material. A proprietary surface chemistry changes the oxidation state of any and all inorganic ions that make direct contact with the surface of the media. If microorganisms make direct contact with the surface of the ASG oxidation and disinfection media, the cell membrane of the target organism ruptures killing the organism instantly. No residual chemistry, taste, odor, or other artifacts are added to the fluid stream. This unique and important feature makes the ASG media superior to any other disinfection product for many water treatment applications. 

 This is the difference between the common disinfection method and ASG oxidation disinfection does not build disinfection byproducts and it reduces microbe including superbugs by 99.99% to 99.999% does not have microbial corrosion problems

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Except ASG Solved the common water treatment fatal defect, ASG media also Solve diverse water issues. ASG adsorption media Targeted contaminants are held on the surface of the ASG media using both chemical and physical forces. The common physical force that applies is the Van der Waals force. Van der Waals forces include attraction and repulsions between atoms, molecules, and surfaces, as well as other intermolecular forces. They differ from covalent and ionic bonding in that they are caused by correlations in the fluctuating polarizations of nearby particles (a consequence of quantum dynamics).   

The chemical complex bond created is unique to ASG media. Temperature, pH and contact time are factors that influence the rate on which the contaminants are bonded to ASG media surfaces. The Langmuir adsorption model explains adsorption by assuming that Langmuir adsorption behaves as an ideal isothermal condition. The adsorption of strongly surface-active solutes is considered in terms of the ideal Langmuir isotherm.

This adsorption media has it advantages is other water treatment technologies does not have. it bond the contaminant permanently. 

All theses unique character decided this technology treated water is safe for tap drinking water. it protected human health avoid getting waterborne diseases. all ASG media is protected by US Patent. All ASG media products meet the ANSI Standard NSF 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects. 

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